*President Stephen Scott


*Vice President Cam Rock carock28@gmail.com
Umpire Coordinator  Greg Anderson grega888@gmail.com
Field Co-Coordinator    
Field Co-Coordinator    
*Director  Joanne O'Shea joanne@primestrategy.ca 
*Director Thalia Aspeslet aspeslet@hotmail.com
Registrar Colleen Holm verweire5@gmail.com
Casino Coordinator     
Equipment Coordinator Vicki Manzo vickimanzo@gmail.com
Uniform Coordinator Olivia Sorko oliviasorko@ymail.com
Ceremonies Coordinator    
Picture Day Coordinator    
Trophy & Awards Coordinator Ashley Anderson ashleytruba@gmail.com
Volunteer Coordinator  Barbara O'Connor dboconnor@shaw.ca
Website Manager  
Safety Coordinator  Ayrica Stapleton  queenhair@hotmail.com
Seniors Coordinator    
Juniors Coordinator Coordinator    
Majors/Nationals Coordinator    
Minors Coordinator    
Instructional 2 Coordinator     
Instructional 1 Coordinator    

 * Board of Directors

Please consider taking a role on the Board or as a Coordinator. Check out the Volunteers tab for more information on areas we need your help in!

For more information please contact the FHLL President.